Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fresh K-Mart Pictures (Formerly of Lost Retail City)

About a year ago, I took some pictures of the Carolina Circle Mall area K-Mart. Well, I went back there today and took some more.

Obviously, the place looked about the same as it did a year ago, but I was able to get some more higher quality pictures this time. It's all in the weather.

Like last year, I took some pictures of the inside of the store from the window. It was a very interesting view. They sure didn't get rid of a lot of stuff when they closed about 5 years ago. They still even have the cash registers!

You can take a look at all 9 pictures here. Again, let me know if you have difficulties looking at the pictures.

1 comment:

Steven Swain said...

It's like they just got up one day and decided to close down. Not a lot's been moved.
1/17/2007 12:49 AM