Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Carolina Beach Maxway (Formerly of Lost Retail City)

This is my favorite Maxway store located in Carolina Beach, NC near Kure Beach. It's not lost retail but it features lost retail.

Maxway is similar to Roses except a little bigger. This particular one features beachware and beach souvenirs.

There's a similar Maxway closer to home here in Greensboro on Randleman Road. It features a lot of similar items that are at the one in Carolina Beach, but without the beach stuff.


Steven Swain said...

Maxway and roses are owned by the same company.
10/08/2006 12:32 PM

cant_not said...

Is there a Maxway on Summit Avenue? I think I recall seeing one there..
4/15/2007 10:14 PM

Jake Nelson said...

Usually around here, the Rose'ses are bigger.
12/06/2007 10:30 PM